About Me

Place of birth:

  • Kherson, Ukraine

Places I’ve studied: 

  • Swarthmore College near Philadelphia
  • Boston University, where I got my MFA

Places I’ve lived and worked:

  • Moscow and Zheleznovodsk, in Russia, where I have family
  • The suburbs of Baltimore, which, of the many Americas I now know, were my first
  • Grenoble, France, where I spent a semester and learned how to cook and ski
  • New York City, where I walked everywhere and saw far too many plays
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I became a Zingerman’s addict
  • Lausanne, Switzerland, where every day is a thighs workout day
  • Austin, Texas, where I am now still finishing a collection of stories and a novel

Jobs I’ve had (in no particular order):

  • Test proctor
  • Caterer
  • Management consultant at McKinsey
  • Translator
  • Math tutor
  • NIH research intern
  • IT manager
  • Watch sales person
  • History researcher at Harvard
  • Insurance telemarketer
  • Library circulation clerk

Places I’ve Taught

  • Swarthmore College (co-teaching)
  • Boston University
  • Austin Community College
  • Central Texas schools, grades 3-8, through Badgerdog Literary Publishing

Things I’ve Written

Photo credit: Advertisement for ZAZ by Autoexport USSR Moscow. Photographed by John Lloyd and accessed via Flickr. Used under creative commons license.